Never Forget

I posted this to my facebook page, but I thought it was appropriate to share here. Rewind to the week before 9/11. I was in New York and New Jersey the week before calling on customers and talking with them about the Microsoft Trusted Solutions Platform (TSP).  What happened after will forever be etched in…


It happened again. My condolences

By now you’ve likely heard about the tornado disaster today. Oklahoma City isn’t that far north of Dallas/Ft. Worth. Today an EF5 hit that area and destroyed the lives of thousands of people. Nature is a powerful force and it seems the radical nature of our weather it getting more and more extreme. I’ve seen…


New York in the Dark

Wow. New York Magazine has a fantastic cover photo (pictured below) of New York City at shot by Iwan Baan.  Amazing. See the backstory for the shot at


Team Oracle does an America’s Cup Endo

When did America’s Cup change to catamarans? Obviously I haven’t been paying attention but when twitter lit up on this video, I had to check this out.  Reminds me of some motocross endos I’ve done. For the uninitiated, endo is short for end-over-end.


Neil Armstrong Departs Earth

The space pioneer and legend passed away today.  Neil Armstrong was a class act.  My condolences go out to his family, fellow astronaut’s, and NASA. He’ll be sorely missed. See for more pictures from Neil’s life.


Mini VGA? Really?

Could someone please explain to me why mini VGA is a port on two of the latest Ultrabook style machines?  The second generation Samsung Series 9 machine, and the latest ASUS Zenbook (not yet shipping) both have mini HDMI and mini VGA.  I get that a lot of you might want to connect the notebook…


Microsoft on the Issues “Google: Please Don’t Kill Video on the Web”

Here’s an excerpt from a blog post on the Microsoft on the Issues blog I thought would be prudent to bring to your attention. Posted by Dave Heiner Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Corporate Standards & Antitrust Group, Microsoft Earlier today, Microsoft filed a formal competition law complaint with the European Commission (EC) against…


Selling on eBay Can Be Scary

When you start looking closely at eBay, it looks like the environment is totally locked down and sellers or buyers are protected.  Think again.  I recently started selling some of my gadgets and a particular transaction on a Zune 80 player went down the toilet.  It ended up ok, but it exposed some ugly warts….


Here kitty kitty

Ok, the family outing videos are getting weird.