Calling All Birders – Identify This North Texas Hawk !!!

Last summer Sean Jr. and I witnessed a hawk swooping down and grabbing a Texas Spiny Lizard from the flower bed next to us.  This was mere feet from us and as you might imagine, seeing nature in action like this left an impression on Sean and I. He’s five years old.  The hawk likely…


New York in the Dark

Wow. New York Magazine has a fantastic cover photo (pictured below) of New York City at shot by Iwan Baan.  Amazing. See the backstory for the shot at


The Oldest Trees on Earth

Wired has a really cool article with pictures of the oldest and biggest trees on our planet.  See for the full gallery and a short write-up on each.  General Sherman is pictured below.  If you are ever in California, give him a hug.


Diamond Planet Discovered – Space Race On

I can see it now.  Suddenly NASA gets new funding to send probes to the recently discovered diamond planet called “55 Cancri e”.  Here’s an excerpt from the story in Yale News: “New research led by Yale University scientists suggests that a rocky planet twice Earth’s size orbiting a nearby star is a diamond planet….


Neil Armstrong Departs Earth

The space pioneer and legend passed away today.  Neil Armstrong was a class act.  My condolences go out to his family, fellow astronaut’s, and NASA. He’ll be sorely missed. See for more pictures from Neil’s life.


“I invented the first computer”

Be sure and read the story, “An Unexpected Ass Kicking” by Joel Runyon.  Man, I would have loved that encounter.



The following video is starting to pick up some steam.  It really starts rolling after about the three minute mark.  I also know how I am going to trim my beard next.  Grin.  Enjoy!   Gotta love YouTube.


I totally want this for my home office

For Sale !!! [UPDATE for 5/19/2012] Apparently this specimen and auction is of dubious origin.  Maybe I don’t want it for my home office after all.  See the article on this possible illegally obtained critter at [Update for 5/20/2012] “The Honorable Carlos Cortez, a Dallas, Texas district court judge, granted a “Temporary Restraining Order”…


Now this is a hailstorm!

I heard about this storm dropping 2-4’ of hail, but dismissed it until I started checking the Tornado forecast for the weekend.  I stumbled across this photo taken Wednesday by the National Weather Service in Amarillo, Texas.  Yikes!!!  I hope I never see that kind of hail.