Treasures for Sale – Kindle, Zune HD, Archos, Clear 4G+ USB Stick, phones and more

I have a number of treasures for sale.  Everything is used but in great condition.  They are for sale on my section of my wife’s ecommerce costume selling site called Over the Top Costumes.  I have some other items I’ll be posting later, but in the meantime here are some of the premium goodies. Regarding…


How about a new PMP for Christmas?

Every year a new crop of Portable Media Players (PMP) comes out and tempts you to spend your hard earned cash on one.  This year is no different and most of the major makers have tipped their hand and have their product in the channel, or will very soon. Archos The Archos 5 Internet Tablet…


Revisiting using a Zune with a MacBook Pro

One of the first things I did when I got my Mac back in late 2007 was to see if the USB connection capabilities worked in Fusion.  But that was about eighteen months ago and nearly the entire world has “rev’d” since then. So let the updates begin…  OS X is at v10.5.7.  I updated…


For Sale – some gadgets and goodies

I am going to start selling off some of the stuff taking up space in my drawers and home office.  Some of this stuff is in mint condition so be sure and let me know if you have any questions.  All of the photos are just stock photos from the internet.  If you are concerned…


Faith in Mankind Restored – For Now

Loyal blog readers know I haven’t been exactly kind to Dell over the years.  The ridicule has been focused primarily on the lame GPU in my Latitude D820.  I’m over that now.  The machine is three years old so the rant can be put to rest.  It’s also no surprise that on the internet you…


Blue Zune 120 now available

Click the pic or get it @


Verizon Samsung Omnia – first impressions

In the initial first day of use with the Verizon Samsung Omnia, I was pretty frustrated.  Much of that frustration was misplaced and was a hold over of the HTC Touch Pro I now have boxed and ready for return.  What lowered my frustration with the Omnia?  The first is clearly seeing that a device…


The best Windows Mobile 6.1 phone on the market?

I have a Palm Treo Pro arriving tomorrow.  It was a pretty tough decision to purchase the device.  The primary reason is because it is an expensive device.  But in the end the funding came through in some unexpected ways so I made the plunge. A little over a year ago, I managed to luck…


My Headset Search is Complete

The thought of spending relatively big dollars for a headset still seems odd to me.  However, airplanes are really noisy and wouldn’t you pay to reduce the noise and enjoy your music or a video more? Of course you would and a quick look around most flights will show you that a lot of other…