For Sale – some gadgets and goodies

I am going to start selling off some of the stuff taking up space in my drawers and home office.  Some of this stuff is in mint condition so be sure and let me know if you have any questions.  All of the photos are just stock photos from the internet.  If you are concerned…


Which is more important, WinXP SP3 or Vista SP1 ?

Sound off at Let us know what you think!!!


TiVoToGo likes my Zune 80 and Archos 605 WIFI

One of the people that discovered my blog and the Archos 605 WIFI posting asked me about using TiVoToGo with the Archos player.  I’ve been meaning to try out the TiVo software so it was just the incentive I needed to check things out.  I like this time of year.  I get to burn some…

1 launches !!!

As you can see at, we are launching a new online portal for IT Pros.  Expect to see lots of content in the form of podcasts, screencasts and videos.  I have some interesting stuff coming.  My EDGE id is KingCobra.  Head on over and register if you want a cool name, before all of…


Windows Media Center WebGuide

WebGuide allows you to remotely view live and recorded TV programs and to remotely schedule and manage your recorded television programs, music, pictures and videos on your Media Center or Windows Vista PC. Install WebGuide on your Media Center PC and access it from any machine that has a web browser, including your cell phone or mobile…


Windows Vista sleep states demystified

Machine sleeping is a bit of a mystery to many of us.  It’s one of those magical things that when it works right, really makes using a laptop computer, or Media Center recording machine a thing of beauty.  I’ve been meaning to write an article on Magic Packets, but I see Robert Hensing just posted…


OEM’s start to quietly ship Windows Vista CableCard HDTV capable PC’s

Finally !!!  After six months since the official Windows Vista launch date, we’re starting to see the PC based HDTV DVR field start to have some competition.  Timing could not be better because Intel recently slashed the Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor pricing and before long, it will become a standard offering.  I like to…


Do Google employees use Windows?

It’s always fun to watch reactions to acquisitions.  We like to get into those spirited debates about Microsoft employees using competitive products, in public.  Give me a break.  If I need to use a competing product because it’s better, most likely I will. So what products do I use? Camtasia Studio v 4.01 comes to…


Nerds Rule !!!


HDHomeRun appears to be a grand slam

I found out an interesting statistic last night.  One of the news stations reported that the Dallas metroplex has the highest per capita usage of DVR’s in the USA.  They didn’t break it out by standard or high def recorders but I thought that was kewl until I remembered we’re also supposed to be one…