CES 2011 Day 3 – electrifying stuff

I’m giggling just a bit because I thought today was going to be a boring product announcement day.  Boy was I wrong. Here’s the perfect toy to liven up any product demonstration or presentation.  Grin.  Behold, the Taser C2.  Now in a range of attractive colors.  Be sure and get the package with extra cartridges,…


CES 2011 Day 2 – more eye catching goodies

Like yesterday, there were a number of products that were announced and shown off today.  Verizon seemed to be everywhere with their wireless LTE announcements and devices.  The new HTC Thunderbolt is a looker.  It looks very much like the HTC EVO to me and considering how popular that phone has been on the Sprint…


CES 2011 Day 1 – some eye catching hardware

Two devices caught my eye today.  First up is the ultra chic Samsung 9 Series laptop.  Like the Apple MacBook Air, this baby just oozes kewl.  I like it.  Too bad I’m already set for light laptops for a while.  Let me know if one of you plunks down some hard earned cash and can…


Beware of his swords

If you watch this and the 2009 show reel, you’ll notice AZO has a number of swords hanging on the wall.  He doesn’t show off his skill with them much, but I have no doubt he can use them.


Light Saber little boy?