It happened again. My condolences

By now you’ve likely heard about the tornado disaster today. Oklahoma City isn’t that far north of Dallas/Ft. Worth. Today an EF5 hit that area and destroyed the lives of thousands of people. Nature is a powerful force and it seems the radical nature of our weather it getting more and more extreme.

I’ve seen tornados up close and personal. I was literally at the genesis (Lake Worth) of the tornado that hit downtown Ft. Worth a few years ago. It wasn’t my first brush with one. They are a fact of life and nuisance in the south.

I have seen many pictures and videos of twisters. The one from today below is particularly scary because it shows the before and after. One of the schools destroyed is in the foreground at the beginning of the video. The storm chasers that shot the video had the good sense to not publish the school getting destroyed. It is gut wrenching but clearly demonstrates why we keep a careful eye on the sky and weather reports this time of year.

A lot of people lost their lives today, over twenty were children. I can’t even imagine. Say a prayer for the families.

[UPDATE] Thankfully, fewer people were killed than first reported.  It breaks my heart to watch the stories. Clearly there were many heroes in the midst of the destruction. Many of them teachers.

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