Exchange Server 2013 Management Pack – now available for download

The Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Management Pack provides comprehensive service health information for your Exchange organization. The Exchange 2013 Management Pack is engineered for organizations that include servers running Exchange 2013. The key feature of this management pack is user focused monitoring. The simplified dashboard focuses on the user experience and makes it easier for you quickly determine exactly what your users are experiencing.

          The Exchange Server 2013 Management Pack works with the Managed Availability feature in Exchange 2013. The alerts within the System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) portal indicate unhealthy states as reported by the Managed Availability components in Exchange 2013.

            The following are some of the new features in the Exchange 2013 Management Pack:

            • Simplified dashboard The dashboard of the Exchange 2013 Management Pack has been simplified and refined into the following three categories:
              • Active Alerts Provides a list of all outstanding alerts in your organization.
              • Organization Health Provides an overview of the overall service health in your organization.
              • Server Health Provides an overview of the health of individual servers in your organization.
            • User focused monitoring Exchange 2013 introduces a monitoring and recovery infrastructure called Managed Availability. Managed Availability focuses on the user experience. All Exchange 2013 components have built-in monitors that detect problems and attempt to recover the service availability. Any issues that can't be recovered automatically are escalated to the Exchange 2013 Management Pack as an alert.

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