And on the subject of fingerprint login…

I have never used a fingerprint login.  I was always afraid someone would chop off my finger and use it.  They do that in the movies so it must be true.  Well, a story surfaced today and I am providing a heads up.  I have not verified any portion of the information. 

“The UPEK software has long been marketed as a secure means for logging into Windows computers using an owner's unique fingerprint, instead of a user-memorized password. Last month, Elcomsoft, a Russia-based developer of password-cracking software, warned that the software makes users less secure than they otherwise would be because it stores Windows account passwords to the registry and encrypts them with a key that is easy for hackers to retrieve. It takes only seconds for people with the key to extract a password, company officials said. They withheld technical details to prevent the vulnerability from being widely exploited.”

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