White House Releases Honey Ale Recipe under the Freedom of Information Act

The White House finally does something I can support with my tax dollars, they brew beer.  Sorry, that’s as political as I can get. Smile

Full story, directions and video at http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2012/09/01/ale-chief-white-house-beer-recipe.  The video is actually pretty interesting.  Wouldn’t that be impressive on your resume, White House Brewmaster?  Grin.


Comments (7)

  1. paul says:

    I would like to order and pay just shipping & handling! …We already paid for the beer, right?

  2. Larry says:

    +1, make my order recurrent biweekly.

    And critics say that the executive branch has done pretty much nothing lately…

  3. Stephen Bloom says:

    I'll need some of that stuff for breakfast this November the 6th !!

  4. Joe Kincade says:

    ***, as in french #@$&!

    They should have kept the recipe a secret so we could have sold it to pay all or most of our trillion$ debt.

    Beware of the next tenant, he may privatize the only beer that's our own! And some foreign creditor may put a lien on those productive WH bees!!

  5. Todd Brown says:

    So that's what they pour in the glasses kept below the podiums 🙂

    How much for a tasting tour? Sign me up!

  6. Eric & Rob says:

    So this is the elusive missing link, the genuine BOB !!!

    P.S. Do we pay for a full-time beekeeper too?

  7. Dan Miller says:

    Are they also confessing to GUI?

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