Samsung retina class screen unveiled on Series 9 prototype

See the engadget story at Wow.

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  1. Finally meets your screen resolution needs, I take it? 🙂…/mini-vga-really.aspx

  2. Keith Combs says:


    I really don't know.  That article is about my complaint that the machine won't drive an EXTERNAL LCD panel effectively above a certain resolution.  I remains to be seen if they include mini DisplayPort on this cool prototype.

    As for ultra high resolution screen, I'll all for them assuming the experience is good. That means the OS needs to drive the hardware effectively, and the apps need to understand what is going on and adjust.  That isn't happening yet with the Retina MacBook Pro.  A year from now it might be different.

  3. These machines look so easily to break. I hope they don't break already, when they fall down from 0.5m.

  4. Keith Combs says:

    The case is rather rigid. I haven't seen any drop testing but you might be surprised.

  5. My Dell XPS 13 ultrabook has survived my wife's butter fingers for half a year now – when she went through two phones in the meantime. The material quality (aluminum & carbon fiber) combined with lowered weight seems to improve the survival chances.

    Not that I am recommending a round of Frisbee golf with it…

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