Samsung slips a silver Series 9 under the door

Samsung is now showing another Series 9 model on the Samsung USA website.  It’s the silver color I have been lusting for since the pictures at CES 2012.  I’ll forgive them for having a mini VGA port on the darn thing is the screen is IPS or PLS.  Since this model comes with Windows 7 Professional, I assume it has a TPM chip.


image  I don’t see it listed yet on, or some of the usual USA buying sites, but it’s good to see the silver fox come out of the bushes. 

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  1. ryan says:

    According to the specs on the link you provided, it does have the TPM (hooray!). Amazing that a 15" laptop is just a hair over 3 1/2 pounds (the new MacBook Pro Retina is almost a pound heavier, and the regular Pro is almost 2 pounds heavier). The screens are extraordinarily bright on the 1st gen model. I hope they crank up the screen resolution and RAM capacity in the next gen, and maybe throw in a higher-end CPU/GPU combo as well. 🙂

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