New product alert – Samsung Series 9 Ivy Bridge notebooks

imageFor those of you watching the Ultrabook craze unfold, you might be considering the Samsung Series 9 machines.  They come in a 13.3” and 15” model.  I have tested both of them with the Sandy Bridge chipsets and found them to be quite compelling.  The new Ivy Bridge based machines with the third generation Intel processors are even better.  The Intel HD 4000 GPU impresses everyone that tries it.

I did want to caution you on a couple of items.  First, Samsung didn’t change the port configuration on the latest Ivy Bridge models so there is still no mini DisplayPort video output.  If you have a high resolution 27” or 30” LCD panel, you are going to be limited on the maximum resolution that can be displayed from mini HDMI or mini VGA.  1920x1080 doesn’t look very good on my Dell U2711 LCD panel.

Second, for some unknown reason Samsung is using Sandisk U100 mSATA drives in some of the 128GB configurations.  I suppose mSATA drives are in high demand so they needed another source of parts.  I don’t know about you, but I want the Samsung mSATA storage device in the machine if I buy one.  When you are paying a premium price, you should expect premium components. 

If Samsung reads this, please create a 13.3” SKU that has 8GB of memory.  I don’t care much what you put in the mSATA slot because I can always change that, but 4GB of motherboard soldered RAM is too limiting for me.  Me wants more.

If you are looking for these machines, has all five models of the Ivy Bridge machines.  The 15” has three configurations and the 13.3” has two (currently).  The models with Windows 7 Professional also have a TPM chip.

Here are the amazon links:

Costco is currently only selling the Sandy Bridge machines online.  I suppose they’ll switch before too long. has the Sandy Bridge models in stock at this moment in time, and are taking pre-orders on the Ivy Bridge. hasn’t listed the Ivy Bridge models yet.

Happy Ultrabook shopping!

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  1. ryan says:

    The addition of the TPM to the 2nd gen 9 Series is a bit overdue. We've had to continue to order the first gen for this reason. Hopefully they'll support the Intel anti-theft technologies as well. I also hope they've fixed the AC port issues–we're now getting close to a 50% RMA rate on the batch of first gen models we purchased. People love the machines, though!

  2. Pla says:

    Are you sure that they have not DisplayPort?

    These in the preview seem to have one on the left side.…/samsung-series-9-pricing-release-date-pictures-video

    Also, aren't the new Series 9 laptop going to be released mid-June?…/samsung-series-9-series-5-series-3-ivy-bridge-refresh

    "Updated Series 9, Series 5 and Series 3 Lines

    Samsung will also introduce its 13.3-inch and 15-inch second-generation Series 9, the 13-inch and 14-inch Series 5 ULTRA and Series 3 laptops with the latest Intel processors beginning in mid-June 2012."

  3. Keith Combs says:

    The Series 9 Ivy Bridge machines have already been released.  Most of the BestBuy locations in my region got two 15" NP900X4C-A01US units last Tuesday.  Typically they put one on the floor for a demo machine.

    I haven't seen a Series 9 machine in the USA with mini DisplayPort, yet.

    There is a really good picture of one on with a DisplayPort connector, but it also looks like a pre-production picture or a model from Korea.  Korea has different models from the USA.

    The port you are looking at in The Verge pictures is a mini VGA port.

  4. Chris says:

    I am so confused and dont want to buy old technology.  What is the number of the ivy bridge chip series 9 please and when will it be available

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