Windows 8 and Windows Media Center – details from the product development group

I have been a Windows Media Center fan for nearly a decade now so I was certainly interested to see what the product group had in store for Windows 8.  Yesterday afternoon they disclosed the plan in more detail.  Here’s an excerpt from the beginning:

“In this post we wanted to update you on Media Center and Windows 8, specifically how we will make sure Windows 8 fully supports the capabilities of Media Center as it is in Windows 7. We took the feedback about maintaining the functionality very seriously, and we clearly understood what we’ve heard many of you saying around the value of Media Center for movies, Internet TV, broadcast TV, optical media, music, photos, and all the other scenarios it covers today. Many said in comments and email to us, that so long as the feature is available somehow it is fine. This post is how we will deliver on that and continue to support Media Center for another product lifecycle.”

See the full details at

Here’s a follow-up post on the discussion of DVD playback -

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