Lenovo ThinkPad W530 pic leaks to the web – goodbye traditional keyboard


I don’t know if the image at http://www.lenovo.com/images/products/nps/laptops/W530.png is a prototype or of the coming Ivy Bridge based ThinkPad W530, but it’s causing quite a stir in the ThinkPad community.  Gone is the traditional keyboard.  From the picture it appears Lenovo has gone with a keyboard similar to the one you find on the ThinkPad X1.  Hope it is backlit.

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  1. Jason Banks says:

    Time to get off the Lenovo.  Where do I start, crippling their system from it's full potential (SATA II vs III based on motherboard), terrible support, and quick to fail products.  Lenovo quality is not what it used to be.  You might as well buy American products today – HP or Dell.  Acer is good price, but feels cheap.  IBM was once king – no longer.  Keith, please do not keep pushing their products.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    No problem Jason. I have switched to the second generation Samsung Series 9 for my personal travel machine.

  3. Mike Blane says:

    The keyboard was one of the biggest selling points for me because of the feel and durability.

  4. Isaac Lee says:

    Good bye Lenovo.

    Traditional Keyboard was the one of the main reasons I used Thinkpad.

    HP Elitebook, Dell Latitude, and Macbook air(or pro) are on my lists.

  5. Bob Mayer says:

    KC: I didn't know you censored comments, thought you just moderated, was wrong.

  6. Keith Combs says:


    What are you referring to?  Did you post a previous comment?  I didn't receive it if you did.  

  7. Eric says:

    Why did they change the keyboard?  Did they make any improvement internally?  Same graphics processor as before?

    If you think lenovo's keyboards are bad, try a sager notebook.  Now that's a bad keyboard.

  8. Willem Ditters says:

    I was already aware of the fact that (among others) this would be a break with tradition. But then again, I would not be so quick off the bat as to bash Lenovo for it. Check the X1 review at notebookreview.com where the review states:

    "Fans of the traditional ThinkPad keyboard will probably cringe at the sight of a Chiclet-style keyboard, but I have to say that the engineers at Lenovo have likely created the best Chiclet keyboard I've ever used. I liked the keyboard on the X100e and X120e and these keys are a logical evolution of the Chiclet-style keyboard used on those ultraportable notebooks. The keyboard on the X1 largely delivers the firm typing surface, spill-proof design and perfect individual key throw we've come to expect on ThinkPad keyboards"

    And when it comes to Sata-III, I don't know where Jason's comment originates from, but I believe that Lenovo was one of the first (if not the first) to implement Sata-III in a notebook range (the x20 series), and I have been loving the performance of it ever since the first moment. (I used T520/W520 and still own X220 and T420s).

    Honestly folks, wait until the first reviews come out .. you might actually find yourselves to be pleasantly surprised :-). I at least already know so much of the upcoming models that I have made my choice already 😉

    PS And I do own a Macbook Air 13.3 i7 that will go the moment the new Lenovo models come out 😉

  9. sam says:

    I can't/won't make judgments until I actually use the machine.  People here have mentioned the chicklet keyboard, however, Dell, HP, and MAC(the one who really made it "cool"/trendy) all use to chicklet too.

    Thinkpad still has the original designers/engineers from when IBM owned them, so let's hope they did it right.  Of course there's other internal factors that come to play and agenda's to meet from the corporate board(ie: bad economy, need to cut costs somewhere).

    Anyways, I'm excited, here's to hoping it doesn't suck.

  10. Keith Combs says:

    I guess my X1 review is chopped liver. 🙁

    I would have an X1 right now if it weren't for the screen. I'm not doing 1366×768.

  11. Danijel says:

    They obviously killed the classic ThinkPad keyboards. The L430/L530 and X230 also have the chiclet-style AccuType. laptoping.com/no-more-classic-thinkpad-laptop-keyboards.html

  12. ibmford says:

    Keith, my regards to you for your thinkpad reviews. Your reviews keep on coming up on google searches for Thinkpad. I love the feel of the keyboard on my thinkpad, a major factor on final purchase decision, but it needs a backlit keyboard. I love the finger print reader and is a "must have" for all laptops.  Also, this is a workstation PC, and I prefer having 1920×1200 resolution on 16" display. I've been using my W520 for over a year and have been banned from the Lenovo forums for my criticism of w520. In the end W520 did not deliver on the promises; Throttled and locked down CPU while running on battery. Solved the problem with "Throttle Stop" software. Also, I bought this so called workstation with promise of 4 simultaneous displays, but we all know how that turned out… I'm on my second set of SSD (intel 520) the first one (Crucial M4 started to fail after 13 months (SSD manufacturers are bunch of crooks, but that's another story). The audio is terrible, microphone location is dumb, microphone near the keyboard picks up click sounds and fan noise. Microphone should be located at top of the screen on both sides of the camera.

    W520; is a Dumb design over all and not exactly a workstation with poor audio/microphone quality, throttled CPU, standard HD screen, no quad display, poor optimus performance…

  13. _mms_ says:

    Lenovo just doesn’t get it it seems. Though they did do some good things with the ThinkPad line no doubt, this really makes me wish IBM never sold. Even the latest 'traditional' layout keyboards from Lenovo don't feel as good as my old T60p, build quality is much worse.

    Lenovo: Bring back the old keyboard (a second option whatever) make it feel the way ThinkPad keyboards are supposed to or simply loose customers..your choice.

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