Smoked By Windows Phone – wallpapers, videos, oh my


If you were paying attention to CES, you might have noticed our own Ben Rudolph challenging all comers to a series of tasks on their phone.  The contest was affectionately called #smokedbywindowsphone.  He’s at it again and today Ben released a number of materials including the cool desktop wallpaper above, videos and ads. 

I don’t see the task list in the materials but you can probably get a very good idea from the videos on what tasks are being used in the competition, and how the various people and their phones faired. 

Get the wallpaper for your computer or phone at the Windows Phone facebook page.  The direct post is at!/windowsphone?sk=app_395205560497029.

There is of course a blog post on the Windows Phone team blog.  And lets not forget to tweet shall we?  Grin.  You can follow @BenThePCGuy or go directly to his tweet on the subject and re-tweet it.

The wallpaper is a must have. 🙂

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