Microsoft on the Issues “Google: Please Don’t Kill Video on the Web”

Here’s an excerpt from a blog post on the Microsoft on the Issues blog I thought would be prudent to bring to your attention.

Posted by Dave Heiner
Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Corporate Standards & Antitrust Group, Microsoft

Earlier today, Microsoft filed a formal competition law complaint with the European Commission (EC) against Motorola Mobility and Google. We have taken this step because Motorola is attempting to block sales of Windows PCs, our Xbox game console and other products. Their offense? These products enable people to view videos on the Web and to connect wirelessly to the Internet using industry standards.

See the entire blog post at the Microsoft on the Issues blog post.

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  1. Ed says:

    You have to wonder about what Google does. Between their privacy issues, killing off products, announcing new ones that sound rediculous.

    Even their default home page [ or equivalent for a different language/country] is misleading in their popular sites. I did a test for a while. Used that page as a default home page. I visit a bunch of sites quite often. Probably and should be in the top 10. Nope. Didn't even crack it. Yet one web site that I go to 1-2 times a month is in the top 10. Go figure.

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