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In case you haven’t noticed, metro design is the hot new thing.  Over the past twenty four hours we’ve been in release mode for http://technet.microsoft.com and as you can see, the changes are striking.  Be sure to checkout the layout, MegaBlade navigation, and other features.  Let me know what you think.  Enjoy.


Comments (5)

  1. If you didn't say it was "metro", I'd not have guessed that. It just looks like a really nice design, without trying to look metro just for the sake of looking metro. It's much nicer to navigate than the old site. The type is well done and easy to read. All in all, a great upgrade.

  2. one Word: horrible.

    some parts are so small that you can't read them, other parts are too large. This generates a headache after a few minutes when you use your Evil Explorer 9 crap. With the better Font rendering (Linux, IE8) is is better but still not optimal. The older layout whas 100 time more eyefriendly.

  3. Peter says:

    Not crazy about the new design.  As Andre said, some items are too small. It's also too "loose." All the items are just floating on the page with no real grouping or organization.

  4. Window Washer says:

    I don't like it very much.

    Same interface from phone to desktop? I don't think so!

    Is MS watching the Lion thru the Windows? 😉

  5. Thorkell says:

    It is always good to change layout after sometimes, but I agree that the letter are to small to read. There should be a button to able readers to change the size of the letters. Another thing that I want point out, is: why are readers not allow to change between the new layouts and the old one? Like on the Technet library site, where you are able to choose between classic view and 2 new other option on the site!

    best regards,


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