Cloud Fundamentals Video Series: Comparing Security Controls

My friends at the Trustworthy Computing group have been producing a number of videos with industry experts in various Cloud topics. 

Tim Rains interviews Kellie Ann Chainier in this installment on the subject of Security Controls.  Click the pic above to head over to the video on the Showcase video servers. Here’s an excerpt from Tim I stole from the series:

“The industry is working on ways to make it easier to compare the security practices used to manage cloud services. One example of this is the Cloud Security Alliance Security, Trust & Assurance Registry (STAR). In this installment of the Trustworthy Computing Cloud Fundamentals Video Series, I discuss the potential benefits of STAR and how Microsoft is leveraging it to provide visibility into the security controls that our customers are looking for, and to help our customers compare the security of some of our cloud services with other vendors’ cloud services. I’m joined by Kellie Ann Chainier, a Cloud Business Manager from Microsoft’s Worldwide Public Sector team.”

See the full blog post at  You’ll also notice at the bottom of this post there are links to some of the other videos and blogs posts that are part of the series.  Enjoy.

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