Ordered – HP Envy 15


I have a HP Envy 15 on order.  I could not resist the 30% off coupon.  I will of course give you a couple of reviews.  One after the first twenty four hours, and one after a couple of weeks.  I hope HP has excellent thermals on this generation.

[UPDATE for 1/5] FYI, I cancelled this order today for several reasons.  First, HP should be providing details on the Envy Spectre in the next few days which I believe is going to be a 14" version of this. I would like a lighter machine. Second, there are a ton of machines being announced this week and next at CES.  So although I could take advantage of HP's 21 day return policy, I don't really think it's fair to have a machine shipped just to turn around and ship it back.

Comments (1)

  1. Brendan says:

    Looking forward to your reviews.  I have my eye on one too, that is of course if and when HP release this over here in the UK and don't cripple it like the previous Envy models by removing the better options.

    Happy New Year!

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