Windows Phone 7.5 Custom Ringtone How-To

windows phone WP-tag_red_v1_rgbFinally!  I installed Windows Phone 7.5 to my ATT HTC HD7S this morning and shortly after that success, I set out to replace the lame ringtone.  Yes, you can now implement custom ringtones on your phone and although it isn’t as simple as finding a song in your music collection, it isn’t impossible either.

There are really several key aspects you must pay attention to.  First, the Genre for the song must be Ringtone.  Therefore you are going to need to edit the metadata for a song.  Second, the song must be less than 40 seconds and smaller than 1MB in size.  As you can see, you are going to need an audio file editor to create the ringtone you want.  After creation you simply need to add it to your Zune collection on the phone so it will show up in the list of available tunes.

Want more precise instructions?  See John Garland’s blog post on the subject @  He covers all of the bases for you very nicely.  Enjoy your sweet Mango!

The first ringtone I created is a 35 second clip from the beginning of “Down With the Sickness” by the rock group Disturbed.  I’ve been using that track for presentation sound checks for years and it seemed only appropriate to pay homage.  We’ll see what the folks in the grocery store think next time I’m there and receive a call.  Evil grin.

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  1. windows 7.5 phone requires a lot of processing?

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