HDHomeRun PRIME and PRIME 6CC finally go on sale – scheduled June shipping

imageHDHomeRun PRIME:

  • Premium digital cable TV for your PCs
  • Triple tuner - watch/record three channels at once from one or multiple computers
  • CableCARD - all the digital cable channels you subscribe to, including HD and premium channels in 100% digital quality
  • Windows 7 Windows Media Center - full featured DVR
  • XBOX 360 - extend Windows 7 Windows Media Center to your big screen through your XBOX 360
  • More information: HDHomeRun PRIME 3CC
  • Pre-ordering through NewEgg


  • Home-theater form factor - add 6 premium cable TV tuners to your home theater system
  • More information: HDHomeRun PRIME 6CC
  • Pre-ordering for the 6CC will be online in the coming week

Both models are expected to begin shipping in volume in July, with the 6-tuner model expected to ship a little ahead of the 3-tuner model.

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