The Windows Phone Spring Update is coming to the ATT Samsung Focus

windows phone WP_Brd_Blu_v_rgbOne of the most popular Windows Phone 7 devices in the USA is the Samsung Focus.  It’s really popular with Microsoft employees. 

As you might imagine, there are a lot of people anxiously waiting for the update.  Well, the WP7 team just updated the status page and the update is now out of the testing phase and being scheduled for delivery.  Thank heavens!

See for the latest status.  See for the team blog and information.  Let the “check for updates” watch begin. Grin.

Comments (1)

  1. Alex Mil says:

    Good luck with the update – after NoDo my Samsung Omnia 7 was rebooting at least once a day, so I've removed it. Lately I'm finding it harder and harder to say anything good about WP7 🙁

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