TechNet Professional Subscription Promotion Now Available

imageWe have a new promotion for TechNet Professional Subscriptions from now until June 30, 2011 purchase a new TechNet Subscription Professional and receive an additional three (3) months of service at no extra charge. By using TN3MNA06 as the promo code you can receive the 3 bonus months on the TechNet Professional Subscription!

Click here to get your TechNet Subscription: Purchase a TechNet Professional Subscription

Then just enter the Promotion Code: TN3MNA06

If you have not checked out what you get with a TechNet Subscription here are a few of the benefits:

  1. Full-version software licensed for evaluation purposes; includes Microsoft operating systems, servers, and Office System software as well as Beta software: pre-release versions of Microsoft software to keep up to date on the latest technologies.
  2. Two (2) complimentary technical support incidents and a 20% discount on additional phone support incidents you purchase.
  3. And of course you still get the TechNet Library containing the Microsoft Knowledge Base, security updates, service packs resource kits, utilities, technical training, and product documentation to keep your systems and IT skills up to date!!!!

So go get your TechNet Professional Subscription today, and remember use the promotion code: TN3MNA06 and receive the 3 bonus months! This offer is only for NEW TechNet Subscription Professional orders only, and is only valid for redemption in the US. Offer is valid until June 30, 2011 and is subject to change.

Comments (6)

  1. test says:

    your blog not taking comments?

    delete if it shows up!

  2. Keith Combs says:

    yes, comments are working.  everything has to get by the spam filter and me

  3. Sarah K says:

    Just tried subscribing my brother, site returns an error, invalid or expired  promo code!

    It's still June 30th… Am I too late?

    Any plans for new promotionsn?

  4. Another Kevin says:

    Promo Code no more?

    Any chance you'd have other codes or hope for new ones soon?

    Please expand… and Happy Anniversary 15 😉

  5. Eric Williams says:

    Code is not working, care to comment?

  6. Keith Combs says:

    Hello folks,

    I have informed the US DPE IT Professional Evangelist team.  This particular code was from Matt Hester's blog at…/matthewms.  I just swiped it from his blog post and re-posted it here because I kept getting private messages so as a courtesy I was sharing the information.

    I really don't know what happened and if any action will be taken.  I certainly will not be taking any further action.  

    It would probably be a good idea to comment on his blog at…/new-promotion-save-15-with-tn3mna06-on-a-new-technet-subscription.aspx

    It will be up to him and his organization to investigate what happened, and if they intend to do anything about it.

    Good luck and sorry for your inconvenience.  I am locking this particular post at this point.

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