Samsung NP900X3A thoughts and video

As much as I’d like to own a Samsung Series 9 notebook computer, it just doesn’t make sense for me right now.  There are a couple of reasons but the main one is the relatively low resolution of the LCD panel.  I would not be happy with 1366x768 native resolution of the screen.  If Samsung had a 1600x900 res panel in the notebook, I would have one on order.

This notebook is also rather pricey.  I’m a believer that you get what you pay for and sometimes that means you pay a premium price for a premium machine.  This looks like a premium machine certainly worth the price.  For instance, if you were to compare this to other premium notebooks in the 13” class, you’ll notice it’s only slightly higher than the Apple, Sony, etc. machines.  But don’t forget the Samsung comes with a three year warranty. 

Want to see the machine in the hands of Ben for some perspective on size?  Check this out.

Pilfered from  I’m sure he’ll do a deeper dive on the features later.

For those of you that are corporate buyers and want stronger security, take a close look at the options.  You can order this notebook with a TPM chip and take advantage of BitLocker or other technologies like DirectAccess.

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