Ben Rudolph and Ryan Asdourian show off some cool notebooks

Ben the PC Guy and cohort Ryan Asdourian get more toys than I do.  Yea, I’m jealous and bitter.  Just kidding. Recently, they shot some video in the lobby of Building 37 near my favorite internal Starbucks location.  In the video Ben and Ryan talk about several notebook computers they think are worthy of your consideration.  I agree with most of them.  See Ben’s blog post on the subject complete with links to some of the goodies.  Here’s the video.

Of the machines in the video, I would certainly like to try the Toshiba Kid’s PC, Sony Z, ASUS U36Jc, and the Lenovo U260.  I think the ASUS or Lenovo would be a particularly good fit for my wife, though she’ll likely get my ThinkPad T410s before too long.

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