I should order this, right? I’m worth FIOS Ultimate



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  1. Sean says:

    Here in Plano I have FIOS Extreme (the tier below that), and with 25 up and down, the speed is awesome. I have to tell you though, I can't tell the difference between that and the 20/20 I paid for separately before.

    But it's a good problem to have :).

  2. Mike Blane says:

    What will you do once you have downloaded the entire Internet?  

  3. Keith Combs says:

    I briefly tested the 50/20 plan at the beginning of my last contract renewal period.  When you get to 50Mbps speeds and above, you start to see how lame some of the internet servers and services actually are.  150/35 is overkill for most people though it would be great to have if you when purely to "on demand" HD video playback.

  4. Pierluigi says:

    I actually live in Stockholm, Sweden and one of the bigger local provider is offering 1000/100 Mbit….approx 143USD per month.

    Normal connection at home is between 60 and 100Mbit (the one I have)

    As Sean said…..it's a good problem to have :).

  5. Kieran Donnelly says:

    We have 100mb/10mb for around 60 dollars in the UK through Virgin Media. You guys pay a small fortune for your connections, but guess the United States is spread out more then the United Kingdom. Guess you can always justify it if you are working in the technology industry!

    Kieran Donnelly – Tech enthusiast

    Owner of F8 IT Solutions Limited (www.f8-it.com)

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