Wish I Was Sleeping in Seattle

Dave_MatthewsToday would have been a fun day to be in Bellevue, Washington.  Bellevue is where I normally stay when I am in that area for meetings, training, etc.  It was a big day for Microsoft. 

It was the first day Microsoft employees could fan out and purchase Windows Phone 7 devices. I’m sure many employees headed to the new retail store as a result.  They had several surprises in “store” for them when they arrived.

It was the Grand Opening of the Microsoft Store in Bellevue Square Mall.  The first 2000 people through the door received Miley Cyrus tickets.  Surprise!  People camped out for that. Darn, I really wanted those. 🙂

And they had a very special guest and entertainer for the celebration.  You might recognize him. Dave Matthews.  Surprise!

See the rest of the great photos of Dave Matthews and the store opening on the Microsoft Facebook web pages.

Comments (2)

  1. Chad Strunk says:

    Speaking of Microsoft Stores, I love how the MS Store at the Mall of America (or the Bloomington Zoo in our family) is across the hall from the Apple Store.  (That's not "in your face" at all.)  Once they finish remodeling the Lego store, it will be a little geek corner!

  2. Keith Combs says:

    That's pretty normal for mall competition. Heck, even in the food court you'll see Burger King next to McDonald's.

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