Microsoft Community Contributor Award Launches!

imageStarting this month, Microsoft will begin the progressive introduction of the Microsoft Community Contributor Award.  The Microsoft Community Contributor Award seeks to recognize notable contributors to Microsoft online community forums: TechNet, MSDN® and Answers in areas such as: moderation, content, translation/localization and feedback. 

The value of these resources is greatly enhanced by participants who voluntarily contribute their time and energy to improve the online community experience for others.

Awardees will receive a customized certificate, program award logo kit with the award year, and a complimentary online technical resource aimed to provide a way for forum participants to stay abreast of technology information.

Additional information about the Microsoft Community Contributor Award program can be found at

Comments (2)

  1. Michael J Swart says:

    Sounds good, but there's nowhere to look for extra information (like a list of awardees for example)

  2. Mike Walsh says:

    Reply to Michael J. Swart.

    Less than a week after I was given this "award" I asked them what the URL was for the list of people who had been awarded in the first batch.

    I was told it was not planned to publicise the names of the awardees.

    In fact there isn't even a non-public way that I – as an awardee – can see the names of the other awardees.

    I later commented that having the award was of little use if that fact wasn't known. I received no reply to that e-mail (which contained a lot of other suggestions about how the award could be improved – at present it consists of meaningless print-yourself certificates/logos and on-line access to only Microsoft Press volumes, which in the case of "my" product is ca 3 out of 50+ released (current version of product) books.).

    (forum name formerly Mike Walsh MVP now Mike Walsh FIN – I haven't changed that to Mike Walsh MCC !)

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