TechEd Europe 2010 – Day 3

micro0557Yesterday I forgot to mention I’ve been meeting people from all over the world.  It’s really cool to meet people inside and outside the company you’ve known for decade in the electronic medium, but have never met in person. 

One such chance meeting was with Martina Grom and one of her colleagues.  About a month or two ago we managed to have a mutual friend on twitter.  I think we were tweeting about Windows Phone 7 or one of the other products.  I started following her or vice versa.  I don’t really remember who was first. 

But low and behold she tweeted something yesterday a speaker had just said.  I replied back that I was in the room on the front row on the far left with the camera.  She commented I didn’t have my cowboy hat on.  Ha!  We chatted briefly after the session.  So kewl when that happens and you are 5000 miles from home.

I think it’s probably time to either retire the cowboy pics or start taking my hat(s) with me when I travel so people can pick me out of the crowd easily.  The black Resistol is certainly an icon.

The Sessions for the Day

As usual, there were a ton of good sessions on Wednesday.  I woke a little late so I missed the first session of the morning.  Thankfully the session I had planned on going to, “Advanced Automation using PowerShell” is being delivered again tomorrow. Jeffery Snover, Lee Holmes and others are delivering that session.  should be really good so watch for the on demand recording when it becomes available.

IMG_0873I went to go listen to Michael Kleef talk about Remote Desktop Services but got accosted in the Exhibit hall along the way.  I slipped in the back and took a couple of pictures and listened to the last part of the session. 

After that session ended I headed over to Jeff Wettlaufer’s session on System Center Configuration Manager 2012.  Yep, that’s the official name for the new version of SCCM. Jeff did a great job of outlining the new features though before the session started, it looked like the Shuttle machine was having some issues with the KVM switch and the A/V for the room.

If you are interested in joining the beta for SCCM 2012, see for more information on how to sign up.

After Jeff’s session is was off to the Exhibit hall again to write the Day 2 article.  While there, I shot some pictures of the Edge team along with their stage and media recording setup.  Here’s Volker Will having a serious moment with Joey Snow.  Then of course there’s David Tesar.  And finally, the Edge stage shots.



By the way, turned three years old today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Edge !!!

The last session for the day was a “Troubleshooting Group Policy” session delivered by none other than Jeremy Moskowitz.  Jeremy has a great website and blog at

IMG_0882Jeremy has been delivering great sessions on Group Policy for years and knows his stuff.  He’s one of the best presenters I know so if you get a chance to go see him in action, make sure to take the time.  His session was very interactive as he discussed a variety of tools like GPOtool, sonar, Ultrasound, looking for event log data, etc. 

Jeremy literally wrote the book on this subject and if you want one, be sure to head on over to his site at and order one.

That’s it for day three.  I am probably going to review some of the hands on labs tomorrow especially since I spied a multiple monitor config in the area with four monitors.  I need to check that out.

Off to dinner at Bacco and some good Italian food.  More tomorrow.

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