Vdara Hotel at CityCenter Solar Concentrator

This is one of the strangest stories I’ve read in the past few weeks, but it’s something you’ll want to know if you decide to stay at CityCenter in Las Vegas.  I first read about this on msnbc.com then followed the links over to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“The tall, sleek, curving Vdara Hotel at CityCenter on the Strip is a thing of beauty.

But the south-facing tower is also a collector and bouncer of sun rays, which -- if you're at the hotel's swimming pool at the wrong time of day and season -- can singe your hair and melt your plastic drink cups and shopping bags.

Hotel pool employees call the phenomenon the "Vdara death ray."

See the full story on the Las Vegas Review-Journal at http://www.lvrj.com/news/vdara-visitor---death-ray--scorched-hair-103777559.html.  Be sure to take SPF 1500 lotion if you go.  Might want to roast a few hotdogs while you are poolside, too.

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