Office for Mac 2011 hits RTM milestone !!!




Houston, we have RTM! It’s a big Friday in MacBU as we are celebrating the “Release to Manufacturing” of Office for Mac 2011. This means we’ve signed off on final testing and the product is officially getting sent on its way to production and to customers.

We’ll be cranking the Microsoft ship siren and celebrating in all of our team locations (Redmond, Microsoft Silicon Valley, Beijing, Dublin and Tokyo), raising a glass to Office 2011!

For more information, see the full blog post at

Comments (4)

  1. Chris J says:

    Can you obtain information when this will be available on TechNet or the Volume Licensing site?

  2. Sgaar says:

    Please make available on Technet / MSDN!

  3. Yabbo says:

    Agree with Sgaar… when will an office for mac version be released to technet subscribers.

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