Introducing the TechNet Lightweight Library

Do you dig being eight to ten levels deep in our library and nested tree control?  No?  Well, our team has been working on some “lighter weight” versions of the library.  Here are a couple of example screen shots.  The first is on some troubleshooting information for the Windows Server 2008 R2 DHCP service.  The second is the same information but with the lightweight library.  Which do you prefer?

I personally like the screen real estate usage for the new library.  Notice on the tree control we are literally 10+ levels deep in the structure.  You end up managing the navigation window more than focusing on the content in the body of information. 

Want to talk to one of the developers for the TechNet Library Experience (LEX)?  Head on over to Jeff Braaten’s Blog at and let him know what you like and dislike.  And please, take their survey.  It’s only seven questions.  You can handle it.

One last thing, if you really want something changed, let Jeff and his crew know now.  The lightweight library you see is technically a beta so any bugs or feedback you have is very much appreciated right now.

Before screenshot


Lightweight version


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  1. dom says:

    Nice change, good idea.

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