Network Monitor 3.4 – now available for download

  • imageUser Interface Refresh: The Network Monitor UI has evolved. New features have been added and previously hard-to-find features have been more readily available.
    • Parser Configuration Management: Parsers are now installed with profiles that allow you to easily switch between parser configurations with the Parser Profiles toolbar button. These configurations are also cached, removing the need to recompile when you switch between them.
    • Column Management: Network Monitor will automatically choose a column layout based on the type of file being opened. This column layout can be modified and saved for future use. In addition, two extra layouts for HTTP and TCP diagnostics are included.
    • Color Rules: Network Monitor can now save sets of Color Rules to files for easy sharing. You can also right-click in the Frame Summary and Frame Details windows to add a new Color Rule.
    • Window Layout Dropdown: The new window layout dropdown provides multiple configurations for window arrangement. You can move windows by holding down the Shift key while clicking on their title bars. Arrangements are saved for each of the three layout options. The Restore Default Layout option will reset the currently selected layout back to the default.
    • "Live" Experts: Experts can now be run during a live capture session. Also, experts that have been recently installed now appear automatically in the Experts menu, without requiring you to open another tab.
    • Fixed-Width Font: You can now use a fixed-width font in the Frame Summary window.
  • High Performance Filtering: Network Monitor will now enter a high-performance capturing mode when you specify fully qualified capture filters with certain fields in the UI or nmcap (e.g. Ethernet.IPv4.TCP.Port == 8080).
  • UTC Timestamps: Network Monitor will now capture and save Time Zone related information in a trace. By default, traces opened with Time Zone information will automatically have times adjusted to your local Time Zone. The original time or Time Zone can be viewed by adding the "Time and Date" column or viewing the Properties under the File menu.
  • 802.11n Support & Raw IP Frame Support : Network Monitor now supports monitor mode on 802.11n networks on Microsoft Windows Vista SP1 and later operating systems as well as Raw IP Frames on Microsoft Windows 7.
  • Process Tracking in NMCap: It is now possible to capture process tracking information in the NMCap command-line tool. It can be enabled using the "/CaptureProcesses" flag on live captures.

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