Treasures for Sale – Kindle, Zune HD, Archos, Clear 4G+ USB Stick, phones and more

imageI have a number of treasures for sale.  Everything is used but in great condition.  They are for sale on my section of my wife’s ecommerce costume selling site called Over the Top Costumes.  I have some other items I’ll be posting later, but in the meantime here are some of the premium goodies.

Regarding shipping, I only ship in the USA and the charge really depends on how you want me to ship the item, amount of insurance, etc.  In other words, when you purchase an item from the store, I will call you to find out your preferences.  I will check on prices then call back again. Nothing is charged to your credit card until you approve the full price.

Zune HD

This player really does it all. Audio, video, FM radio, etc.  It’s very slim and has a beautiful touch screen.  This is the black 32GB player from Zune Originals.  This player has been rarely used so it is in like new condition.  See the price and more at the shopping section

Zune 80

Like the Zune HD above, the Zune 80 is in awesome condition.  It’s always been in the Incipio flip case (included).  It has the 80GB hard drive and stores approximately 50-60 full length movies if desired.  The back is laser etched with an Aztec looking tatoo.  The picture isn’t the correct tat but the one actually on it looks cooler.  See the price and more at the shopping section.

Palm Treo Pro

This is newly listed.  I have used this phone for the past 14 months and it’s always been in a Palm leather case (not included).  The battery is still in good shape and on standby with 15 minute pulls from Exchange will last a couple of days.  Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro is installed and works very well on this device.  In fact, it’s the most stable Windows Mobile phone I’ve ever had.  This is the CDMA version of the Treo Pro and I believe it only works on the Sprint network.  See the specs, price and more at the shopping section

Clear 4G+ USB

This is a really excellent 3G/4G USB modem for laptop broadband access.  If you are in a Clear 4G coverage area, it will use the 4G signal and speeds.  Otherwise it will use the 3G network operated by Sprint and Clear.  Clear is owned by Sprint.


This is the second generation 6” Kindle with the Amazon leather case.  This is an awesome reading device and it sure beats carrying around thick hard or paperback books.  Due to the recent price reduction for the new Kindles, I have lowered the price on mine as well.

Archos 605 WIFI

This has been my travel companion and is a great movie watching device.  It has a 4.3” touch screen and is the perfect size for watching movies on a long flight.  The package includes an extra battery dock which when both were new allowed for 9 hours of video playback.  I haven’t tested the battery life in some time but they still seem to be in good operating condition.  The Archos player has all sorts of other features I never used.  I only used it for watching movies.  See the specs at the listing.  Great price for this device.

Everything above comes with the original box, manuals, cables, etc.  See all of the items at

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