Audit and Compliance Reporting for DirectAccess

ws2008 r2 blog logo I had the pleasure of talking to one of the authors of “Compliance Reporting: First Step in Controlling Client Cloud Access”.  Dan Griffin is a Microsoft MVP and Security Software Consultant with JW Secure Incorporated and co-authored this article with Microsoft Architect Lee Walker. The conversation with Dan is captured below for your listening pleasure. 

Here is an excerpt from the beginning of the article:

“Establishing secure access is a logical first step to extending the enterprise into the cloud. By setting policies for compliance, reporting and remote connectivity now, you set the stage for how your team will work within the cloud in a smooth and secure fashion. Using Network Access Protection (NAP) with IPsec connectivity technologies like DirectAccess can help by improving your auditing and compliance reporting.

It can be difficult to identify and gather the necessary data when creating an auditing and reporting solution for a new DirectAccess or IPsec deployment. Here we will show how a hypothetical company might create a DirectAccess and NAP solution and provide reporting data to determine who was connected, when they were connected and if the client computer was within compliance.”

See the full article @ Compliance Reporting: Controlling Client Access.

Podcast Interview

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