TechNet Library Lightweight View – now ready for testing

technet - white on black Since the release of the new Lightweight view for the MSDN Library in April we’ve been hard at work enabling a similar Lightweight experience in the TechNet Library.

Like the MSDN Lightweight view, our goal for the TechNet Lightweight Library is to strike a balance between features and performance while making the content easier to consume overall.

Key Features and Beta Feedback

We’ve just released a beta of this new TechNet Lightweight Library experience and would love to get your feedback as we polish the experience for final release. Some areas of the new design that we’d like to highlight are:

  1. To help you navigate through the TechNet library we’ve implemented the lightweight table of contents and updated it with graphical elements designed to make the relationships between elements more clear.
  2. To help you easily discover and consume code samples we’ve implemented tabbed code blocks which persist your favorite development language.
  3. Based on usability research results the lightweight design focuses on content. As such the prime real estate at the top of the page is now dedicated to content rather than site features and options.
  4. Please use the feedback link in the site footer, to let us know how you like the new design or what you think we can do better.

Beta Release Notes

The beta site is only intended to preview this new library design. It is not a fully functional version of TechNet. Here is a list of known limitations with the beta implementation:

  1. The tabs at the top of the page that lead you to TechNet properties outside the library are not functional. Clicking them will lead you back to the TechNet library home page.
  2. We’re asking that you engage with us through the feedback link at the bottom of the page, as such the community content section is “read only”. You will not be able to sign in and add community content.
  3. There are some hardcoded links in the content to other TechNet or MSDN domains, which could lead you out of the beta experience. If you suddenly exit the beta experience, we ask that you simply use your browsers back button to resume.
  4. Similarly Search is not constrained to the beta site. Navigation using search in the beta is not supported and will lead to an undefined user experience.
  5. Some features do not yet carry the TechNet brand. Search results and Language Selection are examples of features that are still branded MSDN.

We hope you like the new TechNet Lightweight Library experience. Please take some time to explore at and let us know what you think.

Comments (1)

  1. Pronichkin says:

    New TOC is not quite usable. Please bring old full-fatured TOC into the lightweight view.

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