TechNet On: launches with Cloud Security

CloudSecurity June 15, 2010 marks the beginning of a new content and publishing adventure.  It’s called TechNet On: and we are bundling technical content into the topics that are top of mind for IT Professionals.

First up is Cloud Security.  As with all topics, there are different layers or elements that must be considered.  In this case we have combed content from a variety of credible sources like TechNet Magazine, TechNet Flash, Microsoft product group subject matter experts, and of course the Microsoft MVP community.

The Cloud Security package has a Background (Bg), Security (Sc) and a Strategies (St) focus I think you’ll find are very well done.  Timely, technical and relevant.

You can expect to see a new TechNet On: package every couple of weeks.  For the coming months you will see horizontal topics like Troubleshooting or Deployment as well as packages for SharePoint, Office, Windows and other technologies that are hot.

We launched TechNet On: in the US, UK, India, Australia, and Canada but we aren’t stopping there.  Look for additional languages and locales as we push forward with our end-to-end content and publishing strategy.


Here’s a short four minute screencast about TechNet On: and some of the content in this weeks package.  Pay no attention to my lazy tongue when I say “egglectic”.  Duh.  For the full demo view, be sure to either double click the Silverlight “Black Glass” player for full screen, or hover on the bottom of the video to bring up the tool bar.  The full screen button is on the far right of the tool bar. Enjoy.

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