TechNet Subscriptions – new changes launched

You have more choices now. And if you never used the included supports calls, then you now have the ability to go for a cheaper subscription now called Standard.  Here are the SKU descriptions:

  • Microsoft® TechNet Subscription Standard: Tailored to help IT Professionals evaluate, test, and troubleshoot Microsoft software for desktop environments. TechNet Standard does not include some enterprise editions of Microsoft software.
  • Microsoft® TechNet Subscription Professional: Geared towards IT Professionals who need a more comprehensive subscription and are primarily focused on supporting enterprise wide environments such as the following scenarios: server consolidation, interoperability, network management and more.
  • Microsoft® TechNet Subscription Professional with Media: Offers the same benefits as TechNet Professional, but is geared towards those organizations with bandwidth constraints and/or prefer a DVD copy of software.

Want to see the side-by-side comparison?  See  Now keep in mind this is the view from my machine which uses the EN-US language and locale.  Your view may differ slightly, especially when you go look at the prices at  Here’s a screenshot:


Be sure to look at the program descriptions carefully before choosing.  See the FAQ at for more information.  Enjoy.

[UPDATE for 6/30/2010]  A spreadsheet was added to the bottom of the FAQ that gives you a side-by-side comparison of the products in the Standard and Pro subscriptions.  It’s currently missing some of the Office 2010 products but I’m sure that will be corrected rather soon.

Comments (10)

  1. Dave says:

    It might be really nice if that "side by side comparison" included a big red "X" beside "Enterprise Software" instead of jamming it into fine print on the "Software evaluation" line.

    Oh well.

    Got any coupons/discounts active right now?

  2. beta changes says:

    are they any changes with access to beta programs or will it still be about the same time as stuff goes into public beta ?

  3. Keith Combs says:

    Yea, it's one of the reasons I pointed out the FAQ.  It's pretty clearly stated there.

    Regarding the coupons and discounts, the blog post at…/no-fooling-use-the-new-technet-subscription-code-tnitq406-to-save-25-for-your-favorite-it-pro.aspx says his promo/discount code is good until 6/30/2010. If it doesn't work, let Matt know. I would be interested in knowing, too.

  4. Keith Combs says:

    Beta changes,

    I don't recall hearing any changes to early access. Keep in mind the product group that develops the program decides what they publish and when it gets published to the TechNet Subscriber download center, or to public download areas.

  5. Yikes says:

    So basically, if you only need desktop software you can save $100 on a new sub or $50 on a renewal from the old price.  If you need the Enterprise software (and let's face it, the majority of us do) you're paying $50 more whether you are renewing or buying new.

    It would be nice if they were more specific about what constitutes "Enterprise software".  I'm assuming that it means any server OS or server product (SQL, Exchange, System Center, etc).  But even after reading the FAQ we pretty much have to guess or make assumptions.

  6. OtherKevin says:

    Anyone know how the renewals work?  I have 2 months left on my subscription.  If I renew today using the 25% off code does an additional 12 months get added to my remaining two months (taking me to 14 months), or do I just get another 12 months that starts today?

  7. Edward_b says:

    Is the set of software the same between the three subscription levels? [i.e. will the Pro get software that the Standard won't get?

  8. Umapathyxp says:

    I am from Sri lanka and I have gone through the pages. If I choose my country as Sri Lanka then none of the promotion codes seems to be working. Not only that, the price of the standard says as 209$ instead of 199$. I think Microsoft is not fair against asians as people from different prices.

  9. Keith Combs says:


    The article that provides the detail on the promo code clearly states this is a USA promotion. Here is the quote:

    "This offer is only for NEW TechNet Plus Direct orders only and is only valid for redemption in the US.  Offer is valid 4/1/10 to 6/30/10, subject to change"

    I certainly understand your feelings on the matter but it is up to the local subsidiary to make pricing and promotion decisions.  

    On occasion we will have a global promo code but there are pretty rare. Sorry we couldn't help more this time.



  10. Keith Combs says:


    There are going to be some differences in the software. The standard sub does not contain the Enterpise editions.  I haven't seen an exact comparison so I don't have additional detail.

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