Microsoft Broadcaster

Microsoft Broadcaster enables IT Pro and Developer bloggers to download key Technical content ( Webcasts, podcasts, white papers) aggregated across Microsoft assets that are relevant to the IT Pro and Developer adoption lifecycle and embedding them in their own sites/blogs for richer blog postings

  • Permission and ability to download and embed content on your sites without sending traffic away from your site.

  • Customize by product e.g. Windows®, SharePoint®, Microsoft Office

  • Customize content by keyword.

  • Customize content by form factor e.g. webcasts, videos, podcasts

  • Set alerts for content updates

Online :

This is obviously for those of you that read my blog and have blogs of your own.  Think of this tool as a way for you to re-tweet articles coming out of the pipeline our content and marketing organization looks after.  Might be pretty interesting.  Let me know what you think about it in a couple of months.

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