Microsoft TechNet Wiki has launched !!!

wiki As you’ll recall in February and March we launched a number of very visible changes to the de facto IT Pro portal,  We also soft launched the Beta of the TechNet Wiki but I was under a gag order and not allowed to blog, tweet, or otherwise evangelize the project.  The gag order is now off.  Tweet tweet.

The Wiki is for real now and the link is right off the top navigation bar of the US TechNet homepage. That link goes to

There are a number of things I’d like you to consider about the Wiki.  First, this is a Community platform service.  It’s from us to you, and from you to everyone else if you choose to participate in that manner.  So this new platform feature is VERY community oriented.  Jump in!

Second, we are just getting started.  We’ll keep the Beta label on the Wiki area for a little while in order to continue to shake down the software and features, as well as listen to feedback from the community.  Your feedback drives the next round of changes.

Third, you don’t have to write an entire article or whitepaper to contribute.  I fall into that category of fear. It’s unfounded.  You can participate in small but powerful ways.  The cool thing about the Wiki is that you can publish instantly and contribute a wide variety of media types.  We’re trusting you’ll do the right thing.

Interview with some Wiki Ninjas

Here are some thoughts from a couple of guys who have been deeply involved in the TechNet Wiki project.  Tony Soper is a Senior Technical writer and has been with Microsoft for ten years in a variety of interesting roles.  Eric Battalio is a Senior Program Manager in our Cloud Services group and joined Microsoft five years ago.   

I sat with them a couple of weeks ago and captured about ninety minutes of footage.  Here’s Part 1 and is about 15 minutes in length. I actually started talking with Tony first, then Eric joined us earlier than expected.  So part of the discussion with Tony got cut in favor of time.  I also cut introductions and some other stuff.  I’ll do better in the future on that.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Contribute boldly, edit gently

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  1. GOODYES says:

    In the email i receive today related technet said "you’re invited to jump in and edit or create your own page" BUT ..

    Where anyone can create a blog ? if not, Whereanyone can create a page ?

    Another thing.. How Microsoft can send a newsletters email where on the 1st link no work no exist ? Its just the first link with title "The TechNet Wiki Is Now Live" :

  2. Herb Ellis says:

    Looks great.

    Looking forward to using it in courses.

  3. Tony Sutton says:

    Hi Keith, any updates to my comment that I left here 2 days ago?



  4. Keith Combs says:


    What page were you looking at?  There is no information on that so your complaint isn’t actionable. I need to see what you are referring to in order to get it in the right hands.

    Also, you commented about captioning yet you made it a point to explain your are deaf.  How do the two relate?

  5. Tony Sutton says:

    Thanks for the reply. I was referring to the video on this post. It has the "CC" button but when I click on it, it doesn’t work.

    Sorry if I wasn’t clear on that.


  6. Keith Combs says:

    A ha! Yea, that’s my fault or lack of knowledge on the player. I bet there’s a way to suppress the CC box if close captioning isn’t present.  I need to do that so I don’t generate confusion like this.

    The video isn’t captioned.  Sorry Tony.

  7. Tony Sutton says:

    Thanks Keith. I wonder if it’s possible to do some sort of WiKi style for videos? I.e. a wiki page with the video embedded and allow users to type what the video are saying. Once it’s saved, a new SUB file is included with the video and it will be displayed upon pressing the CC button.



  8. Tony Soper says:

    Check out They offer an affordable transcription service through mechanical turk, and then host the new composite video with hotlinked transcript. Unfortunately, the transcript portion is NOT editable by a group. However, interested parties coold copy/paste and then send the video owner enhanced/translated text, then the video owner could paste it in.

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