Dual Boot on a stick? Kingston launches 256GB DT310


Kingston Digital, Inc., today announced the release of DataTraveler® 310, the first 256GB USB Flash drive in the United States.

DataTraveler 310 Product Features and Specifications:

  • Capacity: 256 GB

  • Fast: data transfer rates of 25MB/sec. read and 12MB/sec. write

  • Safeguarded: includes Password Traveler

  • Convenient: does not require Administrator rights to access the Privacy Zone

  • Dimensions: 2.90" x 0.87" x 0.63" (73.70mm x 22.20mm x 16.10mm)

  • Guaranteed: five-year warranty

MSRP (U.S. only) = $1,108.00

See the full press release @ http://www.kingston.com/press/2010/flash/02d.asp.  Let me know when you receive your order.

Comments (2)

  1. stan says:

    Why oh why would you release a 256gb memory stick priced at over a thousand dollars and make it USB 2.0 (rather than USB 3.0)? Who wants to transfer 256gb of data at 25mb/s? For me, that thing is doa.

    P.S I’m eagerly waiting for more information on the W510 😉

  2. OtherKevin says:

    If I were doing dual boot I think I’d prefer an actual 256GB SSD instead:


    It’s about 40% cheaper and 10x faster.  If you absolutely need portability you can put it in a USB enclosure for $20, or if you want a USB 3.0 enclosure it’s more like $150, but it’s still much cheaper.  About the only place where the thumb drive excels is in being able to fit on a keychain.  Is it really worth the added expense?

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