Windows Phone 7 Series Announced


Comments (4)

  1. inspirohost says:

    That looks sweet. I have an android at the moment, switched from the HTC touch pro 2.

  2. Richard says:

    After moving from windows mobile to Android, and so may HTC phones coming out, Legend, Desire with exchange support ! The release dates a long way off for this, is Microsoft going to miss the boat with this one.  

    Having said that I’ve been waiting an eternity for a Zune / Xbox windows 7 phone…

  3. Jordan says:

    If its good, I oculd see it pulling me away from WebOS/Palm.

    Mainly because i know that HTC will make the hardware for some of these phones and they make better hardware than Palm. But improved exchange support and the built in zune would be pretty sweet as well.

  4. james says:

    Looks like a great improvement. Apple, Google, and Blackberry will have a long road to try to catch up. The current Windows Mobile 6.5 devices blow everything else out of the water.

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