TechNet 2.0 Is Coming – Join the Conversation

Stacked The TechNet team is hard at work rolling out a brand new set of platform features code named TechNet 2.0 (or TN20).  We started blogging about those features and you can keep up with them here on my blog.  I made it easy to see via the TN20 tag.  You can further filter that tag if you just want the audio podcasts.

Each week this month, on Tuesday and Thursday, we’ll post a new episode in the series to enlighten you on some new aspect of the platform changes that are coming. Here are the episodes so far:

TechNet 2.0 – Episode 1 – Core Scenarios and Branding

TechNet 2.0 – Episode 2 – The New TechCenters

TechNet 2.0 - Episode 3 – TechNet Search

Later today we’ll post Episode 4 on some of the new tools for troubleshooting issues or downloading products, updates and fixes.  Stay tuned for that.

Please provide feedback.  We want to hear what you are thinking!!!  If you decide to use twitter, please use the #TN20 hash tag. We’ll be happy to join the conversation there as well.  Tweet tweet.

Comments (2)

  1. Ramond de Vrede says:

    I’m a big fan of TechNet so I’m really curious about 2.0 🙂

    Nice to see Microsoft invest so much effort in sharing technical information with us as consultants.

    Ramond de Vrede

  2. Soren says:

    I would like to see a way to track PIDs. As you install, re-install machines it is hard to keep track of which PID is used on what machine and over time you are unable to activate the OS. I know that you can DL an XML with all the PIDs that has been issued but the problem is that when new SW shows up and you DL the new list of PIDs you get the full list and not the delta and you have to manage the list you currently have and add the new ones. I know it is doable but if there was either a way to add the info right in the DL page or a tool on your desktop that would let you connect to TN and source the PIDs or deltas that would be great.

    Also I would like to see the option of requesting all the PIDs for the SW you have in your subscription as once. As it is now you will have to request the PIDs individually which is very time consuming.

    I recognize that this in the grand scheme of things is pretty small it does add value to users that redo their labs on a regular basis. You could argue that I should just not activate the OS but I on occasion have machines installed longer than the grace period.

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