Windows 7 Battery Notification Messages – update from the Engineering Windows 7 blog

windows7rc_bloglogo “Over the past week we have seen a little bit of blogosphere activity regarding Windows 7 and batteries, specifically the new Windows 7 message “Considering replacing your battery”. Since this is related to the engineering of Windows 7 we’re going to use this blog to provide an update to people. As we have talk about many times, we have a relentless focus on the quality of Windows 7 and we take seriously any reports we receive that indicate a potential problem that could result in a significant failure of the OS.

In a previous post we talked about the steps we take when we receive a bug report, in particular when we start to see several reports that appear to be the same. For the past week or so we have been diligently working through these steps and more to see if there is anything in Windows 7 we need to address regarding this issue. At this time we have no reason to believe there is any issue related to Windows 7 in this context.”

The above excerpt is the first paragraph from blog post at  Please go there and read the entire article. That article was written by Steven Sinofsky, President, Windows and Windows Live Division.

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  1. Stuart Goodall says:

    So, Keith, are we to understand then that suddenly, with the install and use of W7, a good "chunk" of W7 users seemingly simultaneously, need to purchase new batteries for their laptops?

  2. Keith Combs says:


    I am only passing the information along to the folks that read this blog or otherwise find this post via search or some other method.

    If you have comments or concerns, please comment on the e7 blog (link provided above).  It seems more appropriate to do it there as they have the resources to investigate any questions you have.

    And FYI, I’ll probably mark this post with comments disabled for that reason.  

    Best regards,


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