Windows @ Work Contest goes live !!!

Submit an entry about your Windows 7 experiences and thoughts to the community. What are you looking forward to in Windows 7? Share a business or personal success, or cool and innovative feature. Your fellow community members will vote, so may the best story win.

imageContest Location:

Contest Period: 11/23/09 to 02/23/10


  1. HP Envy 15 laptop
  2. HP Mini 311 netbook
  3. Intel 160GB SSD

This is a pretty easy contest to enter.  No screencast or anything fancy this time around.  Instead, tell us about your experience with Windows 7 for a chance to win a great prize. 

See the contest site for the full rules.  Sure wish I could enter.  Good luck!!!

Comments (2)

  1. shollomon says:

    Sorry this is off topic, but I’m looking for a new laptop right now and my spec is simple, I want a 15 inch windows machine with an internal optical drive, and a dual or quad core processor that’s as thin and light as a macbook pro.  The Envy 15 appears to work (the i7 proceessor is quad core, right?), but why can’t they get a slot loading dvd drive in that package size like apple can?

    Nobody even seems to be trying.  You get thick and clunky or no internal dvd.

  2. Keith Combs says:

    You should probably check out the Dell Studio XPS. It has a slot load optical drive, i7, etc. Looks like a nice machine and it was my second choice for 1st prize in this contest.

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