How about an Intel Mobile Core i7 quad based laptop?

xps 16 Last year most of the quad core machines were huge.  The vast majority had 17” screens and were rather large pizza box style machines.  This year is going to be different.  It’s already looking like this is going to be the year of the quad.  You might be thinking at this point that cost will still make the technology prohibitive and out of reach for us mere mortals.  Think again.

Dell announced some really nice configurations this week, and we’re just getting started.  I’m sure all of the other popular OEMs have some goodies coming out as well.  In the meantime, take a close look at

And if you want a good explanation of what Dell is up to and some descriptions of the machines, see  The Dell Studio XPS 16 looks mighty tempting. Just think, now you don’t have to buy a big pizza box to get high performance computing.  Nice.

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