Students get a great deal on Windows 7 – $29 until 1/3/2010


Click the pic to take you to the buying site with the full details on the promotion.

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  1. Anthony says:

    But…, it’s HOME PREMIUM.

    If you wanted to give us students a deal, make it ULTIMATE for $30!

  2. Keith Combs says:

    It’s actually home premium or professional (my understanding).

    What is it you need that doesn’t come with Pro?

  3. Jordan says:

    Boot from VHD, bitlocker, bitlocker to go…etc.

  4. Keith Combs says:

    The price difference between Pro and Ultimate is $20 according to the pre-order pricing at and most other sites I’ve looked at like

    I would imagine the anytime upgrade from Pro to Ultimate will be right around that.

    $30 for Pro + $20 to get to Ultimate sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

  5. jeremy says:

    Where is the link to Pro? All I see is Home Premium.

  6. Keith Combs says:

    Go to the buying site.  Click the FAQ link.  Click the bold first question which takes you to

    I believe it’s also in the official rules.

    I can’t personally verify it because I am not a student and can’t actually order a product.

  7. Jordan says:

    Oh ok, I didnt realize the upgrade to Ult was so cheap. Thanks Keith

  8. vinu says:

    But i belive this is an upgrade version and not a full retail version.

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