Build a Windows 7 HDTV DVR Yourself

FINALLY!!!  We made some seriously cool announcements tonight at CEDIA.  Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

Today at CEDIA EXPO 2009, Microsoft Corp. discussed key Windows Media Center features for Windows 7 and announced a series of initiatives that enhance the digital cable experience in Windows Media Center. With the addition of native support for additional international broadcast TV standards, including QAM and ATSC, there will now be support for switched digital video (SDV), a new tool that will make it possible for end customers to add a digital cable tuner with CableCARD to their PC, and for existing digital cable tuner with CableCARD customers to enjoy more portability for digital cable TV that is marked as “copy freely” (CF). In addition, Microsoft and the Media Center Integrator Alliance (MCIA) announced the winner of the 2009 Windows Media Center Ultimate Install Contest, showcasing the many ways Windows Media Center can be used in a whole-home solution.

See the full release @

It used to be you had to buy a very specific configuration from the OEMs to be able to record premium high definition programming across a CableCard OCUR configuration.  Now you can build it yourself!!!  This is really good news for enthusiasts that want to take advantage of Windows 7 and the Media Center functions.

Look very closely at the press release.  There are a number of jewels in it.  Man, my Christmas list keeps getting longer and longer.

Comments (2)

  1. William Steele says:

    Wow!!!  Very cool… I can’t wait until Christmas time… I was planning on building a new Media Center anyway!  This is tres sweet!


  2. JonThomasDesigns says:

    Amazing .. I Still love my XPS420 Cablecard set up but its really nice knowing i can retire it when i want to step up to a i7 rig and not worry about losing cablecard support

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