I wonder how much Sony wants for this – VAIO X Series

Comments (5)

  1. Less than a Macbook Air i am sure…

  2. Keith Combs says:

    I hope it’s about $750 less but then again this is Sony we are talking about.  Looks like a really nice machine.  I want one.

  3. Bettiblue says:

    Probably about the same as the Macbook Air.  High end Sony notebooks are expensive.  I just went to their site, and a Z series (13.1 inch) starts at $1700


    Max that Z out at it would shoot up to 3000 pretty fast.

  4. Keith Combs says:

    You are probably right.  We’ll know soon enough. Certainly long before Christmas.  And my Christmas list is already getting long and expensive.

  5. shollomon says:

    This looks to be too small for what I want.  Why can’t somebody make a 15" laptop as thin and elegant as a Macbook Pro?  Apple is not the only company that can hire designers and engineers and the components are all the same.  What gives?

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