IT Pro Momentum Program – Update and changes


Many of you have taken advantage of the IT Pro Momentum Program over the past year to build some impressive projects. I am very proud to have helped you do that.  However, I am making a change to the way I handle incoming requests for inclusion into the program. 

First of all, if you want to be part of the program you must reside in my territory.  Today that is defined roughly as anyone south of Waco, Texas (Austin, San Antonio and Houston) or in the state of Louisiana.  Second, I need to have talked with you personally about the program.  This means you’ve attended one of the events I am delivering or I’ve attended a user group or event we’ve both managed to be present at.  There’s a hint, invite me.

The exception to this will be the coming Windows 7, R2, and Exchange 2010 launch events.  It’s going to be much to crazy at those events to have a conversation so I will not be taking requests at those events

As you can see, I am going old school on the process.  I am making it more personal.  Now before anyone gets upset, consider this. We have IT Pro Evangelists across the globe that are doing the same thing.  Your homework is to find the IT Pro Evangelist in your area and make a connection with them.  The US is covered by the folks at  If they aren’t familiar to you, they should be.  Dan, John Baker, Yung and Blain cover the East Region.  Kevin, Shawn, Matt, John Weston and I cover Central.  Chris Avis, Chris Henley and Harold cover the West Region.

So where does that leave you?  If you are already in the program, you’re in for the year that you signed up for.  If you didn’t receive an invitation from me, sorry but I look forward to meeting you at one of the events I’ll be attending in SouthCentral.

I will adjust my policy again if my territory and role changes, but this will be my plan until something changes my turf.  Best regards.  Keith Combs.

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